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5 Ways To Make Money With WordPress in 48 Hours (Legit!)

How to Make Money With Wordpress in 48 Hours

So you want to make money with WordPress in 48 hours? I understand the urgency to make a PROFIT quickly so I won’t tell you to create a WordPress blog and monetize it with no traffic like other guides say.

Instead, I would offer you the best WordPress business models that generate income as soon as you’ve done building, and starting to market your WordPress site.

As far as the 48-hours mark, let’s just hope you’re done building your WordPress website by then, and actually putting as much work as possible in the next two days.


The following methods are not a get-rich-quick schemes, though they’re the fastest cash rewarding WordPress business models that do NOT require organic traffic.

Now that we go that out of the way, let’s get to business.

how to make money with adsense arbitrage

Adsense Arbitrage

The meaning of arbitrage is buying and selling assets at the same time, but in two different markets. Hence the concept of AdSense Arbitrage depends on buying “visitors” traffic by making ads from a specific platform and selling the same traffic to other advertisers at a higher price.

Google will pay you to display its ads on your website, and every time someone clicks on an ad you get a portion of the money that Google gets from the advertiser.

To be more precise, you will receive 68% and Google will receive 32%. So if an advertiser spent $ 1 per click, you would receive $ 0.68 and Google would keep $ 0.32.

Here’s a good breakdown of Google Adsense arbitrage

  • Have or apply for Google AdSense
  • You build a blog with the right theme for adsense arbitrage (bimber, BookBx, Buzzsumo…etc)
  • Publish enticing content & break it down (next, back buttons)
  • Drive traffic from facebook ads (Taboola, Revcontent…etc) to your blog
  • Make profit (deduct Ad spend from Ad revenue= profit)

So you can see that Adsense can be a serious way to make money online, but for that, you must have a HIGH QUALITY content and HIGH QUALITY traffic to leverage the two.

Basically, with Adsense Arbitrage, you only pay to get quality traffic to your website, engage with the content and the services that you provide, and receive clicks in a natural way.

When you master the latter, then you’re life is already transformed.

If this post gets enough comments, I’ll write a DEFINITIVE guide about AdSense arbitrage.

how to make a wordpress business directory

Create a business directory

Another method of making money with WordPress in 48 hours is to create a local business directory. You can then ask those businesses to pay for their presence in the directory (like the Yellow Pages), and upsell them on memberships, featured listings…etc.

The secret key for a starting a directory is picking a low competition niche.

Competitive general directories that list multiple niches are harder to rank, hard to compete, and hard to optimize down the line. I can’t emphasize it enough, if you’re not going for a niche location + domain, then you mind as well consider other methods in this guide.

The process for building a niche business directory is like this:

  1. Choose a WordPress directory theme (depending on your web development skills)
  2. Collect business data (we have our own software that we use, get a quote)
  3. List the businesses collected on your site
  4. Pick the top 10 businesses of every city, county, or state and make them featured listings (preferably businesses with good online reputation; businesses that are likely spending to get themselves out there)
  5. Next, create an award badge that your can include in your pitch. For example, you create a local directory called, the award would be Top Ohio Roofer Award 2020
  6. Reach out to those businesses to claim their listings (through call calling, email marketing, social media messaging, knock on their if you have to)
  7. PROFIT: offer the businesses to claim their listings before it gets removed for a one-time fee ($300 one time annual fee instead of $30 a month – $60 saved). You can also upsell them on the featured listing for the city, county, the sky is the limit.

You might be asking, What’s in it for the business owner?

  1. The badge remember! (wins you a backlink) they can display on their site
  2. You work hard on your directory SEO every month to increase the organic ranking. Meaning you drive leads to the businesses so they’re returning customers.
  3. Good ROI for the business owner if you set-up the directory SEO right

So that’s another lucrative way to start a WordPress business in 2021.

E-commerce and Dropshipping

You’re overwhelmed with the drop-shipping ads, and for obvious reasons. Now more than ever people are shopping online. And with WordPress you simply need to install a plugin like WooCommerce to build an online store. 

Compared to other ecommerce options, WooCommerce is completely free and offers many useful features that you can use to set up your store.

Before you jump to adding a product to your store, here’s the golden recipe to increase your chance of success.

When it comes to selling and drop-shipping physical products, it’s heck of a lot easier to sell something that’s on demand than something anyone can find at their local grocery store.

Moreover, business longevity, ease of management ought to be in your vision.

If you think the two point factors mentioned, and done your product research well, then you just might be the next 6 figure Woocomerce seller.

Drop-shipping is enticing as a beginner

Drop-shipping basic means that you sell products directly to customers, but a third party ships them (similar to how Amazon often handles shipping for smaller sellers who use its platform). 

Whether you use WooCommerce or Shopify, this method generally involves the use of a plugin or app to ensure that shipping information is sent directly to the vendor (telling them not to include the real invoice). 

If this sounds like the right business plan, and again you think your niche is sustainable (longevity remember), then may the force be with you.

Recommendation for starters:

1- I’m a graphic designer > I suggest looking into Print On Demand: Teepublic, Amazon Merch, RedBubble, Printful, Printify….

2- No experience but serious to build a life long brand > Start selling on Ebay, then Amazon, then WordPress (look into the fee of each to understand)

3- My mind is set on drop-shipping > Expect to lose money if you ask me, though there’s gains to be made as well if you really done your product research well, and following the customer journey as soon as you begin advertising.

Other e-commerce models are more sustainable that’s why I prefer them over drop-shipping. That said, I still have a drop-shipping shopify website that’s generating income without running ads (GREAT SEO!). Which brings us to the next WordPress business model.

SEO Services

If you’ve spent time learning how to optimize your own site, you can put those skills to work. SEO is a big part of building a website, and it can be very overwhelming for some people. 

This is why SEO Services usually go for premium prices. Whether you’re helping a business with content optimization, link building, site speed, or other aspects of site SEO, it’s certainly an area that many website owners are taking more, and more seriously.

SEO is not limited!

Marketing services go hand in hand with SEO. Managing ads is time consuming, requiring graphics creation, keyword research, bid strategy, placement, and more. 

Also, a good marketing campaign includes multiple formats: Google ads, newsletters, social networks, etc. Armed with the knowledge and connections you have already created for your own websites, you can certainly help clients. In most cases, marketing services include a based fee plus a percentage based on traffic or an increase in conversions.

Via Giphy

Web Design Services

One of the last ways we want to talk about making money within 48 hours using WordPress is by offering comprehensive design services

It can be easily done only if you are good at WordPress: creating custom designs for clients and building a complete website from scratch. Developers who work directly with clients on custom sites charge thousands for their work. So while this option may require more knowledge and effort, it is well worth it. 

And you can essentially bundle some of the other monetization methods mentioned on this list together to create your overall service pack (custom theme, blog settings, security settings, ongoing maintenance, etc.).

Consider freelancing

Websites like Codable ,  Upwork, and Toptal  are great places to advertise your availability for client work. After making a few connections, you can also offer your services through your own website if you want to bypass the middle man. 

Make sure you have a great portfolio if you are thinking of generating a passive income stream using this method. Specifically, remember to ask customers to give feedback if they are satisfied with your work or to share a review of your services that you can post on your site or share on social media. This can really increase your online sales, as testimonials from top bloggers are great social proof.

Here’s the kicker!

Never be afraid to outsource. It’s the part where you can still be able to build a brand and fulfilled the required work to freelancers. I’m a big fan of automation, and even though outsourcing isn’t automation, though it’s the closest thing to make a decent profit without breaking your back.

Final note

You don’t have to be a WordPress genius to make money quickly. You can start almost immediately by doing research, find a lacking market, and fill the gaps with your WordPress idea.

And if I was starting my digital marketing journey all over again, I’ll definitely start by doing Adsense arbitrage just because it’s the fastest route to make cash with WordPress.

That’s it,

In the comments, tell me which business model appeals to you most? and are you going to take action anytime soon?

What do you think?

Written by Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at Bloggeristan is a team of two best-friends who happen to make spotless websites, fix cms issues, and helping individuals thrive through blogging.

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