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How to Integrate Whatsapp in WordPress (Chat & Sharing)

how to integrate whatsapp in wordpress

With over 600 million users, Whatsapp is the most popular cross-messaging service on the planet, allowing conversations to take place so promptly, and in private.

With a growing audience, the potential of WhatsApp message and sharing is vast and you should definitely take advantage of it.

The integration of WhatsApp and WordPress is something that can be accomplished easily, thanks to the plugins we’re about to show you. So let’s get started with the sharing option plugins.

AddToAny Whatsapp sharing button plugin

AddToAny  is one of the most comprehensive social extensions and one of the few that offers WhatsApp as an option.

Once you’ve downloaded, installed, and activated the plugin, using it is easy. To add WhatsApp to your social sharing options, go to Settings> AddToAny, locate the WhatsApp logo and click on it to add it to the list.

whatsapp sharing button wordpress

AddToAny comes with a variety of features that let you choose whether you want to show WhatsApp at the top or the bottom of a page, display a floating social bar, and customizing the logo to maintain your site’s overall design. The plugin also integrates Google Analytics so that statistics for share buttons are tracked.

Click to Chat Whatapp Chat Plugin

Click to Chat is a free plugin that integrates easily with WordPress. After you download, and activate the plugin, you’ll then be able to add your business phone # and customize the chat button accordingly.

clicktochat whatsapp chat plugin wordpress

Start by adding your phone number with the country code as instructed, then move to adding a pre-written greeting that saves time for potential leads on what they should say or acquire about.

The rest is self-explanatory which will include the customization of the button itself. Hit save changes, and now your website users can get in touch with you through whatsapp messenger.

Also, as business, you may want to create a Whatsapp business phone number to separate work from personal life.

That’s it,

Got any other free plugins to integrate with WordPress? feel free to share them below.

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